Mayuri Mukka


Growing up in India, I was always around plants, flowers and herbs, which made a way into our daily routine. For snacks, we snacked on gooseberries with a hint of salt, only to enjoy the sweet after-taste. Summers were spent in our garden climbing guava trees, collecting hibiscus flowers, playing under the majestic Parijat tree with its white and orange flowers covering the earth. I remember making a homemade glue from the sap of a tree which worked better than  the store-bought glue. While my mother or grand mother prepared elaborate hair oils & bath powders to nourish our hair and skin, we enjoyed freshly harvested jams and ghee. There was beauty, simplicity, and luxury in using carefully hand-crafted products, where every ingredient is handpicked delicately with a lot of love.

As I grew up and became more urbanized, I moved much away from everything I grew around with, to experiment with expensive and new beauty items. Jumping from one product to another, not finding what I wanted and not knowing what my hair and body needed. With a Master’s degree in Engineering, my education wired me to ask the WHY and HOW.

The same questions made me pursue and explore Yoga and Ayurveda. I am a certified yoga instructor and Ayurvedic Practitioner certified by National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and would thank Ayurveda for giving me the tool to understand what I truly wanted to create. And from there, The Mandāra was born.

“Earth Conscious Wellness” is a tagline that I firmly believe in.