Honey with hot water: The absolute no-no

Honey with hot water: The absolute no-no

Did you know that Honey 🍯 should never be mixed with hot water and that if it is mixed, it becomes a poison? 

Ayurvedic sages had stated that improper consumption of Honey is the most dangerous thing that one could do to the body. Know that every substance in the nature has a potential to become either a medicine or a poison- the choice depends on how it is consumed.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicinal science that is being used since 5000 years. It states clearly that Honey, when consumed improperly, has the ability to form Āma, or a toxic waste, which can hinder the digestion. This Āma is the root cause of many diseases. 

However, when consumed properly, it is highly medicinal and can act as a fantastic carrier. 

In fact, per Ayurveda, it should not even be consumed when working in hot environments. 

AND ….Never mix it with ghee! When equal portions of honey and ghee are mixed and taken, it can be extremely dangerous, as stated in the scriptures of Charaka Samhita & Ashtanga Hridaya. 

So that means… Never consume honey roasted anything, especially meats..!! Yes, you heard it right! 


The best way of taking honey for weight management is by mixing it in room temperature water. It has a scraping property which acts on excess fat. 

For colds and congestions, mix it with turmeric and black pepper.

Don’t forget to share with your loved ones as this is a very common mistake and you can help them not do it by sharing & educating. 

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